You Need an Approved COLA Before You Have a Valid Trademark?

I’d say it goes without saying, but the recent expansion of wineries, breweries and distilleries and the coinciding increase in trademark disputes is evincing a contrary trend, so I guess I’ll say it, you need label approval (or recognized exemption) to have lawful sales that can count as your first use in commerce. And a […]

New Case Asks When Does a Label Cross the Line From Homage to Trademark Infringement?

Keeping someone else from trading on your name is one of the many functions of trademark law.  When you’ve spent time and effort developing a brand, finding someone looking to cash in on your hard work can be irksome.  But the line between homage and trying to make a buck off someone else’s rep can […]

Wineries Get Guidance on Water Agreements From a Recent California Opinion

Access to water is a paramount need in running a winery (or any beverage business for that matter).  That water might come from a source on your land, or might be the subject of various agreements or arrangements between you and another owner.  Whatever the case, if you find yourself drafting a water and drainage […]