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AWB PhotoHi there! I’m happy you’re here.

My name is Ashley Brandt and I’m an attorney in Chicago representing clients in the beverage and construction industries. A while back I kept getting calls and questions from industry professionals and attorneys looking for advice and information on a fun and unique area of law that I’m lucky enough to practice in. These calls represented a serious lack of, and need for, some answers, news, and information on the legal aspects of the alcohol industry. I’ve got this deep seeded belief that information should be readily available and that the greatest benefit from the informatiChicago Lawyer Magazine Ashley Brandt Brian Smithon age is open access to knowledge… so … LIBATION LAW BLOG.

I know efforts to educate are making an impact because now I get phone calls when a blog post didn’t cover a specific topic or address a nuanced issue of some concern… not because someone can’t find a decent contract brewing or custom crush agreement online. Read about me in Chicago Lawyer Magazine.

I’m blessed to have successfully been an attorney for a while now and it’s given me some amazing opportunities, wonderful experiences, and an appreciation and love for this work. I have represented distillers, brewers, breweries, distributors, vintners, bars and restaurants, enthusiastic start-ups and incredibly large international brands (think fermenters bigger than houses). I’ve helped them with their corporate governance, shareholder and licensing issues, regulatory matters, customs/importation and brand protection. I’ve seen them through their negotiations, disputes, and lawsuits. I’m grateful that these people have let me be their counsel and help them through their problems.

The best compliment I ever got after one of these forays when my client said: “My dad always told me I needed a great lawyer and a great accountant to keep this business up… now I just need to find that accountant.” I’m lucky enough to be a new father and an old husband. I live in Chicago and work for an exceptional law firm, Goldstein & McClintock, LLLP with some truly brilliant people.

Feel free to contact me at any time with any issues, comments, concerns… frankly, after reading this far, I hope you take the time to at least let me know what you think about the blog and how I can make it a better resource.

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