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Wine importing dormant commerce clause case about alcohol laws and the problems with the three tiered system chicago liquor license lawyer

Challenges to discriminatory and protectionist liquor distribution and sales laws continue in spite of pending SCOTUS case as wine importing challenge in CA gets hearing on motion to dismiss

In a case that I was sure would be put off until after the U.S. Supreme Court renders its decision in Tennessee Wine and...

Texas challenge to out of state public corporation liquor license ban

Final briefs filed in 5th Circuit Texas ABC Challenge to Wal-Mart’s Commerce Clause win against prohibition of publicly traded corporations obtaining certain liquor licenses. (Bonus, we’ve got all the briefs for you.)

Back in November we wrote about the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Comission’s appeal challenging an important Texas Federal District Court win for Wal-Mart in another...

Wind discounted in sale stores no of value regulation violation

Authorities alleging “of value” violations over pricing discounts still need to show discount threatens retailer independence and risks “tied-house” integration

You may want to think twice before just accepting a regulator’s assertion that a pricing program violates an “of-value” statute. Consider, for instance, the...