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Wine importing dormant commerce clause case about alcohol laws and the problems with the three tiered system chicago liquor license lawyer

Challenges to discriminatory and protectionist liquor distribution and sales laws continue in spite of pending SCOTUS case as wine importing challenge in CA gets hearing on motion to dismiss

In a case that I was sure would be put off until after the U.S. Supreme Court renders its decision in Tennessee Wine and...


Updated: Oral Argument Transcript. It’s Byrd Day – 100 years to the day after the ratification of the 18th Amendment. Check back for oral argument transcripts this afternoon.

Exactly 100 years after the ratification of the 18th Amendment and one day before the 99th anniversary of the enactment of prohibition, the United...

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A blow to three-tiers. 7th Circuit sides with expansion of Granholm – allowing lawsuit challenging Illinois’s ban on direct shipping of liquor, beer, and spirits from out-of-state retailers.

“The Amendment gives states the power to structure their liquor distribution systems; it does not give states that adopt one structure over another outsized...