Come out and attend one of the ILCC and TTB informational seminars on June 13

At yesterday’s Illinois Liquor Control Commission board meeting, the director said that in addition to discussing federal trade practice rules and some issues concerning the ongoing investigations that the entities are engaging in, the upcoming June 13 learning sessions hosted by the TTB in Chicago regarding trade practices would be jointly hosted by the ILCC and […]

Hard Cider Gets Harder As Changes to Hard Cider Get Addressed in New TTB Temporary Rule for Public Comment

The TTB has proposed and is seeking public comment on modifications to the definition and treatment of Hard Cider through temporary rule, T.D. TTB–147, based on requirements set out in the PATH Act. You can find the full Notice of Proposed Rulemaking here.  You can read the Temporary Rule here. The summary from the Temporary […]

Make Sure Your Labels Follow These New Guidelines From the TTB for “Serving Facts” Statements

In 2007, the TTB issued Notice No. 73, a proposed rule entitled “Labeling and Advertising of Wines, Distilled Spirits and Malt Beverages”.  That rule proposed an amendment to the current TTB regulations that would allow for optional content labeling similar to the nutrition facts we have for many other food products. The TTB hasn’t issued […]

TTB Updates Website And Offers Clarity for Ingredients and Processes Exempt from Formula Requirements under 27 CFR part 25

In a welcome move to further clarify some of the processes and ingredients that do, and do not, require brewers to seek formula approval (approval is necessary when you stray from “traditional” brewing processes), the TTB recently updated the “Other Beer Resources” section of their website.  Rather than force you to hunt for the information, […]