Make Sure Your Labels Follow These New Guidelines From the TTB for “Serving Facts” Statements

In 2007, the TTB issued Notice No.
, a proposed rule entitled “Labeling and Advertising of Wines, Distilled
Spirits and Malt Beverages”.  That rule proposed
an amendment to the current TTB regulations that would allow for optional content
labeling similar to the nutrition facts we have for many other food products.

The TTB hasn’t issued the official rule yet.  But, two weeks ago, the TTB issued Ruling 2013-2.  This ruling sets out some interim guidelines
for the use of optional “Serving Facts” statements on labels pending the actual
issuance of the Rule. 

In addition to offering clear guidance on the required
serving sizes for Wine, Malt Beverages and Distilled Spirits, and cementing the
already stated rule that calories, carbohydrates, fat and protein must be

Anyone interested in including serving facts statements on
their labeling should definitely examine the sample statements included at the
end of the Ruling linked above.

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