TTB Cements Ability of U.S. Winemakers to Meet World Wine Trade Group’s Single Field of Vision Concept

On June 10,
2013, the TTB published an amendment to 27 CFR Part 4
, allowing greater
flexibility for Wine labeling conforming the TTB wine labeling regulations to
the World Wine Trade Group’s regulations
on the content of wine labels.  A full copy of the World
Wine Trade Group’s regulations can be found here
.  The WWTG regulations call for “common
mandatory information” to be displayed in a “single field of vision” (not on the
cap or on the base).  Those elements are
the country of origin, the alcohol content, the net contents of the container
and the product name.

The inconsistency between the two schemes used to be that
the TTB required alcohol content on the label – this is now modified and
American industry members can now apply the WWTG single field of vision concept
to their labels.