You Need an Approved COLA Before You Have a Valid Trademark?

I’d say it goes without saying, but the recent expansion of wineries, breweries and distilleries and the coinciding increase in trademark disputes is evincing a contrary trend, so I guess I’ll say it, you need label approval (or recognized exemption) to have lawful sales that can count as your first use in commerce. And a […]

New TTB Ruling: Brewers Don’t Need Certificate of Label Approval for Beer Sold or Shipped in the State Where It Was Bottled

Some fun news during CBC.  The first Malt Beverages Ruling of 2013, TTB Ruling 2013-1, is an interesting one.  The actual holding is excerpted verbatim for you below.  Beer made and sold in the same state doesn’t require certificate of label approval.  The other required labeling information for beer removed from the premises, (25 CFR […]