Previous Iterations of BIFDA’s Arbitration Provisions Didn’t Trump Federal Law

It’s an Illinois Beer Industry Fair Dealing Act Thursday and we don’t want to disappoint.  Today’s case is a 7th Circuit opinion – Stawski Dstributing Co., Inc. v. Browary Zywiec, S.A. The case involved a polish brewery – Browary Zywiec and an Illinois’ wholesaler, Stawski Distributing.  The parties had a distributing agreement that provided that […]

Illinois State Senate Proposes Change to Expedited Arbitration Provisions of the Beer Industry Fair Dealing Act

Distribution TruckThere’s a proposed amendment to the Beer Industry Fair Dealing Act that seeks a nuanced change to Illinois’ liquor laws. Illinois Senate Bill 3399 is up for its second reading on March 21st.  The proposal decreases the threshold for the expedited binding arbitration venue provisions of subsection 1.5 of Section 7 of BIFDA from […]