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A Real Lesson In The Result of a Battle Between Unregistered Trademarks – Having to Disgorge Your Profits

The merits of a spiced autumn harvest wine weren’t up for debate in a recent Wisconsin case,  C&N Corp. d/b/a Door County Winery v. Illinois River Winery.  Just the issue of which one of these Illinois/Wisconsin wineries had the better claim to sell theirs by the name Hallowine and whether priority rights in an unregistered […]

Old Chicago Defeats Consumer Protection Claims Over Change from 36-Ounce to 22-Ounce Steins

In 2011 Old Chicago was sued over the change from 36-ounce steins to 22-ounce steins that the VIP members of the World Beer Tour get to fill for the price of a regular pint.  This amended class-action complaint was filed in the case on September 30, 2011, alleging that the class of plaintiff’s suffered from […]

Michigan Brewing Company Auction Set for Tomorrow

I had my first High Seas IPA at DTW and thought it was gloriously refreshing.  So, I’m disappointed to learn that the assets that had a hand in creating it will be auctioned off tomorrow.  For those of you looking for more information about this turn of events, the Lansing State Journal has an in […]

Oral Side-Agreements or Modifications May Mean a Brewer Has Violated the Beer Industry Fair Dealing Act

It’s another Illinois Beer Industry Fair Dealing Act Thursday here at Libation.  A day when we pause to give thanks for beer and reflect on a statute that is expressly involved in how that beer gets from a brewer to the public. As a newly established brewer entering into distribution agreements or as an established […]

Check The Invoices or Purchase Orders You Receive to Make Sure They Don’t Create a Contract With Terms You Don’t Want

In some circles this topic is called the battle of the forms. The ordering that takes place between a brewer, distiller, wholesaler or a vintner and the suppliers that provide things like bottles, corks, caps, ingredients, gas, even office supplies, isn’t always done under a written contract where the parties set out their agreement and […]

Growlers At Gas Stations – Some States Miss A Valuable Revenue Stream Based On Antiquated and Avoidable Worries

The Craft Beer Exchange happens to be one of the best kept non-secrets that Sunoco patrons in New York and South Carolina benefit from.  Sunoco’s foray into the world of craft beer through the Craft Beer Exchange isn’t just a brilliant marketing ploy.  The Craft Beer Exchange increases the sales of taxable product throughout the […]

A Plug for Chicago Beer Fest

We can’t wait to see everyone at the Chicago Beer Festival tomorrow.  In addition to the great beers listed, we’ve been informed that a tremendous amount of Chicago breweries will be there who weren’t even on the website.  It’ll be great to see all of you.

Wine Distributor Found Liable for Conversion of Funds After Failing to Pay the Producer

There are some interesting lessons in a recently decided wine producer/distributor dispute.  The plaintiff, Delegat’s Wine Estate Limited an New Zealand wine producer, sued American Wine Distributors, Inc., – a California based wine distributor for payment “for Delegat’s wine sold to customers in the United States in or around fourth quarter 2007”.  The amount the […]