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Illinois bars restaurants dispensaries breweries, wineries, distributors distilleries liability for COVID-19 related injury to employees under new Illinois workers' compensation law amendments

New Illinois workers’ compensation law means almost every “essential business” now faces liability to its employees. Some possible protection for emplacing COVID-19 cleaning, safety and health restrictions – Illinois’s breweries, wineries, distilleries, bars, distributors, dispensaries, and restaurants included.

The Illinois legislature has passed a bill that codifies the previously invalidated workers’ compensation...

SBA emergency loans coronavirus covid-19 breweries wineries distilleries

Here’s some information to help your brewery/winery/distillery/bar/restaurant/distributorship be ready for obtaining emergency loans from the SBA and updated information on which states have approved them so far (link to SBA website in post)

I’m lucky enough to know some smart people. One of them is an excellent...