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SBA PPP Loan forgiveness application and instructions Guidance on getting your PPP loan forgiven

PPP loan forgiveness application published – familiarize yourself with what you need to know to get your PPP loan forgiven. Application instructions are the best guidance so far about applying the criteria and achieving forgiveness. Also, forms confirm businesses want to document employee’s refusal to accept re-hiring and keep other required documentation.

SBA and the Treasury have released the loan forgiveness application for the Paycheck Protection...

breweries wineries and distilleries are having their bonding requirement eliminated in Illinois if they're under $50,000 per year in tax

TTB provides insight for tax relief and destruction of unmerchantable beer; also changes some trade practice policies for craft distillers, craft brewers, wholesalers, bars and wineries during COVID-19.

Through a series of FAQs regarding the processes for the destruction of beer and...