Oral Arguments set in MillerCoors v. Anheuser Superbowl corn syrup ad dispute – sadly, this case won’t be resolved by the big game.

The 7th Circuit has set oral argument in the beer made with corn syrup case of the century. We’ll post it once it is up. Currently the argument is set for Wednesday, April 8, 2020, at 2:00 p.m. 

If you want to view it live, you can visit 219 S. Dearborn in Chicago and it will be in the Main Courtroom, Room 2721. 

For those following what was to be the trial of the matter in the ongoing District Court case that was not stayed while the appeal is pending, the District Court has pushed back the trial until sometime after the oral argument and definitely set time for waiting for the eventual opinion in the case. Here is the Court’s order on that issue:

Docket Text: ** TEXT ONLY ORDER **

 The court held a telephonic conference today with the parties appearing by counsel to discuss plaintiff’s counsel’s letter to the court advising the court of the Seventh Circuit’s scheduling of oral argument on what was to be the third day of trial in this case. As agreed by the parties, the court will STRIKE the pretrial submission deadlines, the final pretrial conference and the trial date. The court will endeavor to circulate possible trial dates later this summer and fall, with plans to reset the trial once the Seventh Circuit issues an opinion (or indicates that an opinion is forthcoming) on the appeal of the preliminary injunction order. Signed by District Judge William M. Conley on 1/24/2020. 

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