Get ready to use a single interface for all your import/export filing requirements. The rule, entitled Amendments To Streamline Importation of Distilled Spirits, Wine, Beer, Malt Beverages, Tobacco Products, Processed Tobacco, and Cigarette Papers and Tubes and Facilitate Use of the International Trade Data System (linked), governs use and implementation of the International Trade Data System which is meant to streamline the data and processes utilized by a host of Federal agencies in processing imports and exports. The government hopes to facilitate easier filings and a better process by having filing run solely through the Automated Broker Interface run by Customs and Border Protection.

From the Final Rule:

The International Trade Data System (ITDS) is an interagency program to establish an electronic ‘‘single window’’ through which importers and exporters may submit electronically the data required by Federal government agencies for clearing imports or exports. Section 405 of the Security and Accountability for Every Port Act of 2006 (SAFE Port Act) (Pub. L. 109–347) mandates participation in ITDS by all agencies that require documentation for clearing or licensing the importation and exportation of cargo.

Currently, importers and exporters that are regulated by multiple agencies or that import or export commodities regulated by multiple agencies submit data to those agencies through various channels, often in paper form. Through the implementation of ITDS, data is submitted through CBP’s Automated Broker Interface (ABI) to the Automated Commercial Environment (ACE), a CBP system, and then made available through ACE to each government agency. Accordingly, TTB is providing electronic filing options for information related to the importation of commodities regulated by TTB.

Electronic filing through this single interface should be a benefit to everyone.

And, because a good infographic is a treat, in case you missed the neat one the government has been using to “explain” the ITDS:


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