Court Addresses Some Issues That Every Winery, Brewery, Importer, and Merchant Needs to Consider Before Making an Interstate Shipment

The use of the internet and email as a tool for agreeing to interstate alcohol shipments is forcing courts to consider some inevitable issues. Recently, a Massachusetts appellate court considered the problem of where and when an importer dealing over email can bring a lawsuit against another importer.  The resulting decision means a great savings […]

Court Allows Winery To Proceed On Refund Claim Against the U.S. For Excise Taxes Paid By Bonded Warehouse

What entity has the right to pursue a refund for overpayment when a bonded warehouse overpays taxes on a winery’s inventory?  This question about the Small Producers Tax Credit on Wine (26 USC §5041) is at the center of a recent case from the Eastern District of Washington. K Vintners brought this complaint against the […]