Contract Brewing or Alternating Proprietorships For Your Operations? – Don’t Leave Out the Yeast

We’ve been getting so many requests to talk a little more about contract brewing and alternating proprietorships that we figured it’s probably time to dedicate a day to them.  So, here it is – Contract Brewing and Alt-Prop Tuesdays. These arrangements are common in winemaking and brewing.  In a nutshell, contracting it out means that […]

An Interesting Argument for Strict Scrutiny Analysis of the Three-tiered System

There’s an excellent piece of legal scholarship floating around the alcoholic beverage law boards recently from Amy Murphy at the University of Michigan’s School of Law.  Amy’s case note “Discarding the North Dakota Dictum: An Argument for Strict Scrutiny of the Three-tier Distribution System” was recently published in the University of Michigan Law Review. The […]

Do Additives Mean You Lose Some Protections Under the Alcoholic Beverages Labeling Act? – Consumer Suits Over Caffeinated Alcoholic Beverages

Caffeine – UnadulteratedThis is likely going to play out on a state-by-state basis.  Consumers filing class action suits over money they spent on caffeinated alcohol.  Brands like Four Loko, and in this case from California’s federal district courts, a caffeinated malt beverage called Joose.   The decision from the Southern District of California in Ceuvas v. […]