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Challenge to The 3-Tier System Inevitable as Illinois Legislature Introduces Bill to Revoke Anheuser’s Stake in City Beverage

Illinois could soon find itself again at the center of the ongoing national debate over the three-tiered system.  And that debate will involve the same two parties as last time. I’m sure you all recall the 2010-2011 Anheuser Busch case in Illinois where a Federal District Court found that a previous iteration of Illinois’ Liquor […]

Beer Industry Fair Dealing Act – Aftermath in Stawski v. Browery Zywiec

In last week’s Beer Industry Fair Dealing Act post we brought you the arbitration clause decision from the 7th Circuit in Stawski Distributing v. Browery Zywiec where the 7th Circuit found that an older version of Illinois’ BIFDA failed to trump federal and international law regarding the rights of parties to contract to arbitrate in […]

Videos From Our Seminar on Importing and Exporting for Products and Ingredients

Please allow us this small bit of shameless self-promotion:  We go to great lengths to make sure that our clients and potential clients are kept at the forefront of their industries and are well informed about the changing economic and legal environments that their businesses function in.  We care about your business as much as […]

Beer Wine and Liquor Ads Back With the Chicago Transit Authority

It’s official, the Chicago Transit Authority has given the green light to reinstating advertisements for alcohol on the “L” and at different stops that aren’t in close proximity to schools.  Here’s the blurb from the Chicago Tribune. The better question is “How do I get my ad up there?” – Well, there’s a great intro […]

Exclusive Rights in Your Lease Can Make a Difference

Tasting RoomYou’ve heard the horror stories.  A landlord who didn’t know what a brewpub was until you started yours realizes you’re doing great and decides to open one in the same building or even next door.  One of your landowners decides he’d like to grow his own grapes and stops renting to you.  These events are […]

Successor Brewers Under The Beer Industry Fair Dealing Act

Beer Delivery TruckIt’s a BIFDA Thursday here at the blog.  These are fun days.  We present, for your review, a case from the series of decisions involving the Beer Industry Fair Dealing Act .  As a refresher, yes, the Beer Industry Fair Dealing Act is the reason Bell’s wasn’t around for a time in Chicago.  This […]