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Pabst Seeks Court Determination Wresting Back Control of Rheingold Brand

There’s big money in an established brand.  That goes double for any established beer brand with a history, low price point, and no small amount of subtle marketing.  The right combinations can result in a scheme to mint liquid gold. There’s an untapped goldmine of long lost lagers.  Brands with breweries that were shut down […]

Beer Industry Fair Dealing Act – Aftermath in Stawski v. Browery Zywiec

In last week’s Beer Industry Fair Dealing Act post we brought you the arbitration clause decision from the 7th Circuit in Stawski Distributing v. Browery Zywiec where the 7th Circuit found that an older version of Illinois’ BIFDA failed to trump federal and international law regarding the rights of parties to contract to arbitrate in […]

Previous Iterations of BIFDA’s Arbitration Provisions Didn’t Trump Federal Law

It’s an Illinois Beer Industry Fair Dealing Act Thursday and we don’t want to disappoint.  Today’s case is a 7th Circuit opinion – Stawski Dstributing Co., Inc. v. Browary Zywiec, S.A. The case involved a polish brewery – Browary Zywiec and an Illinois’ wholesaler, Stawski Distributing.  The parties had a distributing agreement that provided that […]