Pabst Seeks Court Determination Wresting Back Control of Rheingold Brand

There’s big money in an established brand.  That goes double for any established beer brand with a history, low price point, and no small amount of subtle marketing.  The right combinations can result in a scheme to mint liquid gold. There’s an untapped goldmine of long lost lagers.  Brands with breweries that were shut down […]

Previous Iterations of BIFDA’s Arbitration Provisions Didn’t Trump Federal Law

It’s an Illinois Beer Industry Fair Dealing Act Thursday and we don’t want to disappoint.  Today’s case is a 7th Circuit opinion – Stawski Dstributing Co., Inc. v. Browary Zywiec, S.A. The case involved a polish brewery – Browary Zywiec and an Illinois’ wholesaler, Stawski Distributing.  The parties had a distributing agreement that provided that […]