Court Holds Ban on Alcohol Advertisements in College Newspapers Unconstitutional

  Alcoholic beverage producers and advertisers have a new win in the line of cases providing constitutional protection under the First Amendment to beverage industry commercial speech. The opinion in Educational Media v. Insley, comes from the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals and can be found here. The case started because the Virginia Alcoholic Beverage […]

The History of the (Currently) Unconstitutional Kentucky Statute Prohibiting Grocery Stores and Convenience Stores From Selling Liquor and Wine

Kentucky’s solid status at both the top and the base of America’s bourbon pyramid makes the state a fitting setting for constitutional challenges to laws regulating the sale of liquor and wine at grocery and convenience stores. At the end of last year, a federal district court judge found in favor of a group of […]

Is This The Next Big Constitutional Alcohol Battle? – A Challenge in Missouri To Wholesaler Director and Officer Residency Requirements

A Federal District Court has rejected a challenge to the requirement under Missouri’s Liquor Control Law that the officers and directors of a wholesaler must be residents of Missouri based on a refusal to extend the logic of Granholm to wholesalers. Southern Wine & Spirits of America, Inc., and it’s wholly owned subsidiary Southern Wine […]