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Anchor Steam(ed) up in dispute over use of “Steam” trademark for craft beer by City Steam Brewery

In a lawsuit filed two weeks ago, Anchor Steam Brewery is seeking to enforce its rights to its “Steam” trademark for beer against City Steam Brewery in Connecticut.  The case between these two brewers had been milling around the Trademark Trials and Appeals Board but now that Anchor filed suit, they’re seeking to stay that […]

Beer Industry Fair Dealing Act – Aftermath in Stawski v. Browery Zywiec

In last week’s Beer Industry Fair Dealing Act post we brought you the arbitration clause decision from the 7th Circuit in Stawski Distributing v. Browery Zywiec where the 7th Circuit found that an older version of Illinois’ BIFDA failed to trump federal and international law regarding the rights of parties to contract to arbitrate in […]

A Visit With Pipeworks Brewing Company

Bucktown’s best kept secret isn’t really a secret anymore.  After the recent Chicago Tribune article that Josh Noel posted on Pipeworks Brewing, there’s a whole host of internet buzz surrounding Pipeworks Brewing Company. Freeborn & Peters had the distinct pleasure of a visit with the founders of Pipeworks, Gerrit Lewis and Beejay Oslon and even […]

Chicago Craft Beer Week Website is Up and Running

The much anticipated webspace for this year’s Chicago Craft Beer Week is up and running at: http://chibeerweek.com/

Chicago’s Craft Beer Scene

It’s been tweeted and retweeted since Thursday, but the article is a testament to Chicago’s innovative spirit and entrepreneurial craft beer culture. Robert Loerzel’s recent Crain’s article on craft beer start-ups is worth a read.