A Visit With Pipeworks Brewing Company

Bucktown’s best kept secret isn’t really a secret anymore.  After the recent Chicago Tribune article that Josh Noel posted on Pipeworks Brewing, there’s a whole host of internet buzz surrounding Pipeworks Brewing Company.

I had the distinct pleasure of a visit with the founders of Pipeworks, Gerrit Lewis and Beejay Oslon and even had a chance to sample one of their most recent creations, an ancho chili milk stout with hints of cinnamon and chocolate.  Located over at 1675 N. Western Ave., in Chicago – the brewery is in the heart of the Bucktown, Humbolt Park intersection.

Beejay and Gerrit

Taking the time to learn about Pipeworks philosophy and their approach to marketing and distribution, it’s no surprise that their first release – Ninja vs. Unicorn – sold out in under a week.

Whatever your thoughts on the outcome of this mythical match-up (Freeborn & Peters endorses neither Unicorns nor Ninjas) you’re sure to understand the talent and ability these guys have for creating wonderfully unique beers.

Their seven barrel production system (217 gallons) is perfect for the one-off production style and the beers are generally available on the release days (but not for very long) in Chicago at West Lakeview Liquors, City Provisions, Maria’s Packaged Goods and Community Bar, Printers Row Wine Shop, Puerto Rico Food & Liquors, Vas Foremost, Gene’s Sausage Shop, Rogers Park Fine Wine & Spirits, Fischman’s Liquors and Before You Go Liquors and the Chicago Binny’s locations.

With a five year lease and a high demand, Beejay and Gerrit have a lot of brewing to do.  We can’t thank them enough for inviting us by and talking with us.

Ashley Brandt

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