Website Fan Reviews And Product Descriptions Can Play an Important Role In The Decision to Grant You a Trademark

The folks over at Bourgogne Des Flandres can breathe a little easier after this decision from the United States Patent and Trademark Office’s Trademark Trial and Appeal Board reversed the Trademark Examining Attorney’s refusal to register their trademark on the grounds that it is generic an incapable of identifying their beer and therefore should be […]

Make Sure Your Tasting Room or Tap Room Isn’t a Source of Liability

Here’s an interesting opinion out of Connecticut that’s a great reminder to every winery, brewery, distillery and restaurants serving alcohol to ensure that all the members of your team are looking out for your best interests.  Your tap room or tasting room is going to be serving drinks like any other bar and will need […]

Whisky Dispute Poses an Interesting Question About Comparative Advertising Limits

Just how far can you go in a commercial pitting your product against a competitor’s?  We may be set to find out soon. Yesterday a federal judge entered a scheduling order setting an introductory timeline in a comparative advertising case between the makers of Crown Royal and Texas Crown Club whiskies. The dispute arises over […]

TTB Updates Website And Offers Clarity for Ingredients and Processes Exempt from Formula Requirements under 27 CFR part 25

In a welcome move to further clarify some of the processes and ingredients that do, and do not, require brewers to seek formula approval (approval is necessary when you stray from “traditional” brewing processes), the TTB recently updated the “Other Beer Resources” section of their website.  Rather than force you to hunt for the information, […]