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6th Circuit fight over right to sell wine and liquor in Kentucky grocery and convenience stores continues

Last year, in what was a wonderful turn of events for those who support a rational and reasoned approach to alcohol regulation, a district court in Kentucky held that state’s regulations prohibiting wine and liquor sales at grocery and convenience stores unconstitutional.  We wrote about the opinion and decision here.  The state appealed and a […]

People are Changing Their Story on the Quoted Levels of Reduction in the AB/InBev Watered Beer Allegations and NPR Debunks the Claim

The less-than-buzz-worthy suit against Anheuser-Busch InBev that I discussed in this post yesterday is becoming even less of a news story about Anheuser-Busch and more a new story about some pretty slippery wording in a legal complaint. I criticized the media for reporting on a complaint where the language alleging a variance from the 5% […]

You Know How Important Your Brand Is… So Why Would You Risk Not Protecting It?

Your recipes, formulas, labeling, logos, slogans, design and packaging – everything that goes into your identity as a company is something you need to protect.  You know that missteps in advertising can kill your brand.  Certainly you’d never repeat the types of mistakes (these types) that were part of the infamous “Drink Schlitz or I’ll […]

Successor Brewers Under The Beer Industry Fair Dealing Act

Beer Delivery TruckIt’s a BIFDA Thursday here at the blog.  These are fun days.  We present, for your review, a case from the series of decisions involving the Beer Industry Fair Dealing Act .  As a refresher, yes, the Beer Industry Fair Dealing Act is the reason Bell’s wasn’t around for a time in Chicago.  This […]

Public Incentives for Financing an Expansion

Anyone interested in some public support and the possibility of offers or low interest financing for funding an expansion or a project will want to attend the Freeborn & Peters webinar on these financial incentives. Set for March 14 at 10:30 a.m. cst More info can be found here.