I had the unique opportunity yesterday of getting to visit the International Wine and Spirits Event which is part of the National Restaurant Association’s Show going on here in Chicago.  I know it’s a bit tardy, but if you have the opportunity to attend today or tomorrow, you really should go check it out.

There was a wonderful presentation put on by Kip Snider of Yardhouse, Ray Daniels of Cicerone, and Lee Sanders of TGI Friday’s, entitled “Beer Profitability” that anyone looking to increase their knowledge and perhaps their businesses offerings concerning craft beer, should definitely check out at the IWSB’s website when the presentation recordings are available.

Of note from this discussion were some interesting statistics regarding the rise of Gen X-ers and Millennials as beer consumers and their trend towards craft products in the upcoming years.  The recent Heineken ad campaigns and Finch Beer Co.’s “Threadless” IPA are a true sign that this is really the new trend in sales and that brewers, distillers and wineries, along with restaurants, especially, should be capitalizing on this market now rather than waiting to see the trends in their own sales data before making the leap to these up and coming consumers.