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Illinois Homebrewers – Do We Have to Leave Our Beer At Home?

Illinois Homebrewers [yes, we’re going with one word, not two] may have reason to fret given some recent statements made by the Illinois Liquor Control Commission. The Peoria Journal Star posted the article “Law enforcement keeping home brews out of beer festival” by Danielle Hatch on April 18th. The article details some events surrounding homebrewers […]

Contract Brewing or Alternating Proprietorships For Your Operations? – Don’t Leave Out the Yeast

We’ve been getting so many requests to talk a little more about contract brewing and alternating proprietorships that we figured it’s probably time to dedicate a day to them.  So, here it is – Contract Brewing and Alt-Prop Tuesdays. These arrangements are common in winemaking and brewing.  In a nutshell, contracting it out means that […]