Pabst Seeks Court Determination Wresting Back Control of Rheingold Brand

There’s big money in an established brand.  That goes double for any established beer brand with a history, low price point, and no small amount of subtle marketing.  The right combinations can result in a scheme to mint liquid gold. There’s an untapped goldmine of long lost lagers.  Brands with breweries that were shut down […]

Is TTB Ruling 2012-4 a Passive Statement About The Merit of “Freshness Dates”?

The entirety of TTB ruling 2012-4 addresses what the TTB describes as the “realities of modern marketing practices” – allowing retailers to return beer to wholesalers based on “freshness concerns” without violating prohibitions against consignment sales between wholesalers and retailers. In allowing the practice in light of these “modern marketing practices” (see the TTB […]

Are People Tweeting or Blogging About Your Beverages And Not Disclosing A Relationship They Have With You?

The FTC has guidelines regarding the disclosure of any relationship you as a brewer, winemaker or distiller may have with someone tweeting or blogging reviews of your products, and you need to know about them. The Federal Trade Commission’s guidelines “Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising” are a pretty short read.  Which […]