Sapporo Wins “Not Made In Japan” Lawsuit – Havana Club and Red Stripe Opinions Are Gaining Steam as Precedent for Beer False Origin Lawsuits

“If I wanted American beer, I would have bought Budweiser” – that’s what the plaintiff in the recently dismissed class action against Sapporo told the New York Post back when they reported on her filing the lawsuit. The plaintiff in this suit went after Sapporo claiming that the packaging mislead consumers into believing the beer […]

Oral Argument Video of Challenge to Alcohol Advertising Tied-House Regulations at 9th Circuit

As we said we would yesterday, here is the video of the oral argument that happened yesterday in Retail Digital Network, LLC, v. Director of Alcoholic Control Board, Applesmith (link is to our post from yesterday describing the case and why it is important to advertisers and brewers, vintners, and distillers.

More Famous Than Your Lawyers? Why Are You Letting Them Put Your Brand on Their Website Without Compensation?

Do your vendors advertise that they work with you?  How about vendors you haven’t worked with in over a years? Chances are it’s a much greater boon to them (which is, of course, why they want your logo on their website) than it is to you. Your lawyers, accountants, advertising agencies and other vendors use […]

Don’t get fined for being good – what you need to know about advertising your donations or partnerships with charities.

Before wineries, craft breweries or distillers partner with a local or national charity to do some good, make sure you check your state’s co-venturer statutes and get properly registered if you have any intention of telling people about your beneficence.  More that 40 states have commercial co-venturer statutes on the books that regulate the manner […]

Whisky Dispute Poses an Interesting Question About Comparative Advertising Limits

Just how far can you go in a commercial pitting your product against a competitor’s?  We may be set to find out soon. Yesterday a federal judge entered a scheduling order setting an introductory timeline in a comparative advertising case between the makers of Crown Royal and Texas Crown Club whiskies. The dispute arises over […]

Front of Packaging Labeling Q&A

For those of you with product lines that go beyond alcoholic beverages, the FDA’s regulations concerning front-of-packaging claims are a must know. Freeborn & Peters own David Ter Molen was published on Friday at Food Manufacturing in an informative Q&A on the risks and benefits associated with this type of product information.  If you’re looking […]