Wine Shipments Up – Interstate Shipments to Thank?

We should probably call this the legacy of Granholm, but the industry will need to see if it lasts.  Our fellow blogger and IP law guru, David Ter Molen – who runs a great blog over at The Food Identity Blog forwarded us this recent piece from Food Manufacturing about consumer trends in wine.  This one is interesting to anyone looking to get their beverages (be they wine or not) authorized for out of state shipment without the need to go through some other state’s wholesalers. 

Many marketers focused on new opportunities in the direct-to-consumer channel as the number of states that now accept these shipments has expanded to 39, and apps and other technologies have made it easier for consumers to use these online options…

Simply stated, California wine shipments are up 5.6 percent in volume compared to last year.  This is an all time high and there’s little doubt that a portion of this success comes from the lessening of the regulations on interstate shipments.