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Videos From Our Seminar on Importing and Exporting for Products and Ingredients

Please allow us this small bit of shameless self-promotion:  We go to great lengths to make sure that our clients and potential clients are kept at the forefront of their industries and are well informed about the changing economic and legal environments that their businesses function in.  We care about your business as much as […]

Legislative Tax Determination on Fermented Malt Beverages Soon Undone?

The decision from the Nebraska Supreme Court that we reported on overturning the Nebraska Liquor Control Commission’s decision to tax fermented malt beverages as spirits rather than beer has a new twist.  Food Manufacturing is reporting that the Nebraska legislature has started the process for debate and approval of a bill to define fermented malt […]

Beer Wine and Liquor Ads Back With the Chicago Transit Authority

It’s official, the Chicago Transit Authority has given the green light to reinstating advertisements for alcohol on the “L” and at different stops that aren’t in close proximity to schools.  Here’s the blurb from the Chicago Tribune. The better question is “How do I get my ad up there?” – Well, there’s a great intro […]