Non-Exclusivity Clauses In Your Custom-Crush and Contract Brewing Agreements

It’s another alternating proprietorship/contract brewing/custom-crush Tuesday here at Libation Law Blog.  Today we’re teeing up some thoughts on non-exclusivity clauses. A non-exclusivity clause is a portion of an agreement that the parties are not providing or exclusively utilizing the services that are the subject of the contract.  It reiterates that the parties are free to […]

Access To The Premises Is a Vital Part of An Alternating Proprietorship Agreement

It’s an alt-prop Tuesday here at Libation.  Today we’re taking a look at the TTB requirement that an alternating proprietorship agreement should give the Tenant access to the Hosts premises. Under TTB Industry Circular 2008-04 for wineries operating under an alt-prop agreement, access the premises is addressed in the following paragraph stating that all proprietors […]