More Famous Than Your Lawyers? Why Are You Letting Them Put Your Brand on Their Website Without Compensation?

Do your vendors advertise that they work with you?  How about vendors you haven’t worked with in over a years? Chances are it’s a much greater boon to them (which is, of course, why they want your logo on their website) than it is to you. Your lawyers, accountants, advertising agencies and other vendors use […]

Sell Food & Drinks Online? – Better Check Your Terms of Service as Consumer Review Fairness Act Becomes Law

If you sell products online, chances are you’ve got terms of service that you’ve probably put in place and completely forgotten.  But just in time for the New Year, the ever-evolving world of e-commerce and consumer rights is asking you dust them off and ensure you’re not in violation of a new Federal Protection for […]

Diageo Sues Sazerac over Bulleit Bourbon Trade Dress – What Do You Think?

Well, what do you think based on that picture above? It is from this complaint filed last Friday in the Southern District of New York by Diageo North America against Sazerac alleging that Sazerac’s Dr. McGillicuddy’s bottles infringe on the trade dress of Bulleit bottles and dilute that trademark protection. The complaint asks for injunctive […]

Challenge to Retailer Crowler Ban in Texas Has Another Win – And Court Finds Regulatory FAQs are Rulings that Can be Challenged

Growler/crowler laws and regulations across the country are a hodgepodge of nonsensical restrictions on the sale of beer that usually come down to a singular question – who can fill containers of beer to go?  Some states say the privilege rests solely with brewers in their tap rooms, some states let any retailer – gas […]

1st Amendment Challenge to Discounted Alcohol Advertising Ban Finally Has Oral Argument

There are statutes and regulations in many states prohibiting different forms of advertising for beer wine and spirits.  Many of these alcohol advertising bans involve content specific restrictions on promotions of discounted alcohol or the manner in which different tiers of the industry are jointly involved in an advertisement, such as: Barring wholesalers, wineries, distilleries […]