Register Now! – New U.S. Copyright Office Rule Requires Electronic Registration by 12/31/2017 to Take Advantage of DMCA Safe Harbor

TAKE ACTION:  Food and beverage companies, restaurants, and other vendors that allow user-generated content like reviews, pictures, recipes or other data on their websites will need to electronically register their designated agent with U.S. Copyright Office under the new electronic designation system at the US Copyright office to be able to take advantage of the […]

SCOTUS Denies Cert. In Texas Alcohol Permit Rule Case Enjoining Requiring a Year’s Residency for Retail Permit

Residency can be a requirement, but setting an additional qualification mandating a set duration of residency violates the 21st Amendment. For those of you following the ups and downs of the durational-residency-requirements-for-a-Texas-alcohol-permit saga, it looks like the 5th Circuit opinion upholding the injunction against enforcing Texas’ one-year residency requirement is going to stand.  Your constitutional […]