Alcohol manufacturer sued for injuries allegedly involving additives in beverages not afforded coverage under liquor liability exclusion to insurance policy

A recent 7th Circuit opinion has highlighted an issue relevant to any manufacturer adding caffeine or other stimulants or its beverages.  The case of Netherlands Ins. Co. v. Phusion Projects, Inc., involved the appeal of a lower court decision holding that the insurance companies that granted general commercial insurance coverage to Phusion Projects, the makers […]

Website Fan Reviews And Product Descriptions Can Play an Important Role In The Decision to Grant You a Trademark

The folks over at Bourgogne Des Flandres can breathe a little easier after this decision from the United States Patent and Trademark Office’s Trademark Trial and Appeal Board reversed the Trademark Examining Attorney’s refusal to register their trademark on the grounds that it is generic an incapable of identifying their beer and therefore should be […]

Court Upholds Brewer’s Contractual Language Reserving The Right To Choose Which Products A Distributor Receives

A Federal District Court in Pennsylvania recently denied a distributor’s motion to reconsider the Court’s finding upholding the terms of a distribution agreement with Millercoors.  The original decision dismissing the distributor’s suit came at the end of October and found that the distributor didn’t have a right to sue Millercoors claiming that Millercoors’ failure to […]