You Could Be Liable if Your Employee Improperly Cleans Up After a Spill in a Grocery Store

The Fourth Circuit reversed a trial judge’s decision to let a wine distributor off the hook for liability in a slip fall.  The opinion can be found here.  It is notable because it’s a fact patter that is fairly common and provides some discussion topics for employees who may find themselves in a similar situation, […]

Court Denies Liquor Store Chain the Right to Intervene in Indiana Cold Beer Case

Here’s another update on the Indiana Petroleum Marketers and Convenience Store Association v. the Indiana Alcohol and Tobacco Commission case we’ve been following.  In case you don’t recall.  In Indiana, grocery stores and convenience stores can sell everything liquor stores can except cold beer.  A group of convenience stores and grocery stores brought suit against […]

Make Sure Your Tasting Room or Tap Room Isn’t a Source of Liability

Here’s an interesting opinion out of Connecticut that’s a great reminder to every winery, brewery, distillery and restaurants serving alcohol to ensure that all the members of your team are looking out for your best interests.  Your tap room or tasting room is going to be serving drinks like any other bar and will need […]

Court Addresses Some Issues That Every Winery, Brewery, Importer, and Merchant Needs to Consider Before Making an Interstate Shipment

The use of the internet and email as a tool for agreeing to interstate alcohol shipments is forcing courts to consider some inevitable issues. Recently, a Massachusetts appellate court considered the problem of where and when an importer dealing over email can bring a lawsuit against another importer.  The resulting decision means a great savings […]