Labeling Your Beverages – “Gluten-free”

The TTB has recently weighed in with an interim policy on how brewers, distillers and vintners can advertise the “gluten-free” beverages they produce.  Interestingly, TTB Ruling 2012-2 takes into account both the federal regulations governing gluten-free advertising that are currently being considered by the FDA and the scientific uncertainty that currently plagues the ability to […]

Get Out For Chicago’s Craft Beer Week! #CCBW

I’m using the bully pulpit today to plug the upcoming Chicago Craft Beer Week. This isn’t a legal topic – it’s a shameless statement of enthusiastic support for this amazing festival. This is Chicago’s third annual craft beer week.  The theme is “Chicago: A City of Neighborhoods” – Chicago’s local craft beer is featured front […]

Non-Exclusivity Clauses In Your Custom-Crush and Contract Brewing Agreements

It’s another alternating proprietorship/contract brewing/custom-crush Tuesday here at Libation Law Blog.  Today we’re teeing up some thoughts on non-exclusivity clauses. A non-exclusivity clause is a portion of an agreement that the parties are not providing or exclusively utilizing the services that are the subject of the contract.  It reiterates that the parties are free to […]