Is Contaminated Alcohol Sincerely A Reason to Regulate?

We’re interrupting this Beer Industry Fair Dealing Act Thursday to bring you something better. Some recent comments about homebrewing, alcohol regulation and the notion that one of the justifications for alcoholic beverage oversight is the danger posed by potentially contaminated products have little support.  The standard thought about this industry’s regulation is that it’s the […]

Access To The Premises Is a Vital Part of An Alternating Proprietorship Agreement

It’s an alt-prop Tuesday here at Libation.  Today we’re taking a look at the TTB requirement that an alternating proprietorship agreement should give the Tenant access to the Hosts premises. Under TTB Industry Circular 2008-04 for wineries operating under an alt-prop agreement, access the premises is addressed in the following paragraph stating that all proprietors […]

If Banks Establish Specific Financing for the Fine Wine Industry, Do Craft Brewers & Distillers Have Something to Look Forward To?

I’ve been waiting for an article like this for some time – a rallying call to financial institutions to take notice of the craft alcohol sector.  This spot by Eric Gneckow from the North Bay Business Journal – “Access to financing easing for wine industry, lenders say,”  isn’t just a decent piece of reporting on […]

Check The Invoices or Purchase Orders You Receive to Make Sure They Don’t Create a Contract With Terms You Don’t Want

In some circles this topic is called the battle of the forms. The ordering that takes place between a brewer, distiller, wholesaler or a vintner and the suppliers that provide things like bottles, corks, caps, ingredients, gas, even office supplies, isn’t always done under a written contract where the parties set out their agreement and […]

Contract Brewing or Alternating Proprietorships For Your Operations? – Don’t Leave Out the Yeast

We’ve been getting so many requests to talk a little more about contract brewing and alternating proprietorships that we figured it’s probably time to dedicate a day to them.  So, here it is – Contract Brewing and Alt-Prop Tuesdays. These arrangements are common in winemaking and brewing.  In a nutshell, contracting it out means that […]