Previous Iterations of BIFDA’s Arbitration Provisions Didn’t Trump Federal Law

It’s an Illinois Beer Industry Fair Dealing Act Thursday and we don’t want to disappoint.  Today’s case is a 7th Circuit opinion – Stawski Dstributing Co., Inc. v. Browary Zywiec, S.A. The case involved a polish brewery – Browary Zywiec and an Illinois’ wholesaler, Stawski Distributing.  The parties had a distributing agreement that provided that […]

An Interesting Argument for Strict Scrutiny Analysis of the Three-tiered System

There’s an excellent piece of legal scholarship floating around the alcoholic beverage law boards recently from Amy Murphy at the University of Michigan’s School of Law.  Amy’s case note “Discarding the North Dakota Dictum: An Argument for Strict Scrutiny of the Three-tier Distribution System” was recently published in the University of Michigan Law Review. The […]

Wine Distributor Found Liable for Conversion of Funds After Failing to Pay the Producer

There are some interesting lessons in a recently decided wine producer/distributor dispute.  The plaintiff, Delegat’s Wine Estate Limited an New Zealand wine producer, sued American Wine Distributors, Inc., – a California based wine distributor for payment “for Delegat’s wine sold to customers in the United States in or around fourth quarter 2007”.  The amount the […]